SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance Roadmap

Where the primary focus of the Mobile Plant Maintenance platform was on the SAP PM transactional processes like creating and managing notifications to support maintenance engineers and maintenance planners with mobile solutions and electronic plan boards. B-Synergy is always listening to our customers and prospects to give an indication of where new functionality or improvements can be (co-) created.

In our conversations with maintenance professionals from a diversity of companies, we seem to find challenging tasks in a few domains surrounding maintenance processes.

One of these challenges that customers or prospective customers gave us is their equipment master data maintenance. Keeping master data up-to-date is a challenge especially if the person doing that (mostly a master data maintenance engineer) is not properly connected to the maintenance engineers in the field. The process of connecting and updating the SAP system to accurately reflect the hardware in the field is cumbersome and many companies experience outdated information in their SAP PM System.

B-Synergy also found that many times maintenance work requires project management due to the complexity of the work. A few requests from our customers and prospects was to build a solution for integrating our Mobile Plant Maintenance with SAP PS in order to have an easy to use planning board for maintenance projects. The benefit of this is that SAP can be closely integrated with SAP FI-CO and SAP MM Purchasing. The execution of the project can already be done from the Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform but the Mobile solutions have to be extended in order to reflect Project Planning overviews.

Next to improving our app's UX with the input of our most valued customers, these requirements will keep us busy for the coming time. B-Synergy is happy to announce our Roadmap for the mobile Plant Maintenance platform.

Mobile SAP Plant Maintenance Platform roadmap

The PoC for easy SAP PS Planning board integration is already done but because Equipment Management is in high demand we have decided to focus on that subject first. Do you also think your maintenance process should be easier and cheaper? Stop wasting your time and contact us to see what the possibilities are.

Written by: Administrator
On 13 October, 2020
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