Streamline your buying process with the SAP-LowCode Buying Portal

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Buying Portal

Standard SAP enhanced with our B-Synergy Buying Portal will save time and costs with visual programming using the OutSystems’ low-code platform. It’s fast and user-friendly. Multiple users with different access rights can use the app simultaneously. With OutSystems we can easily change our packaged software to perfectly fit your Purchasing and Approval Processes.

The B-Synergy SAP Buying Portal is accessible, intuitive and attractive in design. B-Synergy Buying Portal software combines the advantages of SAP Procurement with software in the Cloud.

 Product catalogs
Get instant access to your product catalogs when initiating purchase orders.
Intuitive interface
Employees can execute and manage purchase orders in an uncluttered, simplified visual interface.
Approvals on the go
Every stakeholder has the ability to manage approvals: anytime, anywhere.
Policy compliance
Enforce organizational Purchase to Pay policies easily with digital purchase orders.
Automated routing
Move requests through the chain of hierarchy without any manual intervention.

Customer specific customization is easily possible. B-Synergy choose to build the Buying Portal on top of best-of-breed LowCode platform OutSystems.

The B-Synergy LowCode Buying Portal and Invoicing is an easy to use, procure-to-pay software solution that sets the standard for all other procurement software products. It’s user-friendly, with streamlined catalog maintenance and a configurable interface.
The portal can help your business become more agile by allowing you to better control global spendings with flexible management and visibility tools.
Buyers from large, midsize, and growing companies enjoy the simple and smart guided buying experience. It delivers a quick return on investment through built-in approval flows that ensure both catalog and contract compliance. The result: your negotiated savings actually reach your bottom line.

 Category Management - Order To Find
-Guided buying
A simple and elegant shopping experience that helps employees buy goods and services compliant with your procurement guidelines.

-More visibility, more control
Get a better view and more control over purchasing, including complex business services.

-Global reach
Manage suppliers, procure-to-pay processes, budgets, approvals, and payments for operations anywhere in the world.

Search for Products and Services to be guided to the right Category Group;
Easy to use flow to drill down to the preferred supplier selected by your purchasing groups;
Always order following the latest & greatest contract listed;
Quickly reach the responsible buyer;
Create the perfect Purchase Order;
Request new suppliers easily.
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