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 It really doesn’t matter which exact word we use. It is all about helping you with your specific needs.  Does your organization miss out on certain expertise or just need more OutSystems developers to get the job done? We can help you with our own specialized crew of IT professionals. With more than 10 years of experience in OutSystemsSAP and .NET Development you can reach out any time and we will help you. Obviously this is the case you need an OutSystems Developer or .NET / C# Developer, but there is more than meets the eye. We also can provide a Projectlead, Scrummaster or Business- or Requirements analyst. Even if our own collegues are busy at the time we can reach out to our large network of OutSystems Development partners and freelancers. We will get the job done for you.
Thierry van Schie, Sourcing specialist at B-Synergy.

Thierry van Schie - Supply Demand manager | B-Synergy BV

Staffing and recruitment OutSystems developers

B-SYNERGY: ICT Recruitment

Impressed by the quality and expertise of our own IT Professionals we often get the question of our customers if we also can provide (Young) Professionals to join them on a more permanent basis. Though we are not a pure Recruitment agency, we do have developed a great model as a solution to help them. In dutch it is called a ‘deta-vast’ solution. This means we search, select and hire the right Professional and train them together with you to become an appreciated member of your team. After a period of secondment the Professional can be hired directly with no extra additional costs.


Next to building great applications for, or together with, our customers, it is also possible to hire our expertise on a more incidental basis. So, in this case we are not talking about long term secondment, but more a need for just a short term effort. Do you need some advise, a quickscan, or for example someone to do documentation? Contact us. Regarding job roles you can think of a consultant, architect or technical writer.

B-Synergy has highly qualified IT profesionals like OutSystems Developers - Flutter Programmers - Business Analyst - .NET Architects - OutSystems Architects - SAP Architects - SAP Consultants and quit some more flavours of techy people who have a passion for IT and technology. 
SAP and OutSystems consultancy
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Thierry van Schie
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