Colleague Marta Fonseca introduces herself

End of June our new colleague Marta Fonseca started at B-Synergy. Marta is 28 years old and moved from Portugal to Rotterdam a few months ago. Who is this new software developer? We tried to find out asking five questions.

How did you end up at B-Synergy?

"In Portugal I worked as a software developer using OutSystems. It’s a great platform to work with and I wanted to continue working with it in the Netherlands. That's why I started looking for a company that has a long history with OutSystems here. I quickly learnt that B-Synergy is one of the earliest Dutch companies that started their OutSystems journey. I contacted them and there was an immediate click. I found my new job!”

How do you like it so far?

"I'm having a great time. B-Synergy is a very flexible company with few rules, where you can really be yourself. The colleagues are nice and happy to help you, but they also give you room to develop and work in your own way. Unfortunately, due to the Corona restrictions, I haven't met everyone in person yet. I’m hoping that will happen soon. And until then we’ll use video conferencing."

Music plays an important role at B-Synergy. Do you play an instrument? Or do you have other hobbies?

"No, I don’t engage in musical activities. I do like to listen to it though; does that count? Especially rock and indie. Besides that, I enjoy hanging out with friends and I like to walk my dog."

Can you tell something about yourself that few colleagues know about you?

"They don't know me very well yet, so that’s not that hard. For example, I like to drink coffee and make a lot of jokes."

What do you think about working with OutSystems?

"I am very enthusiastic about OutSystems because it is a low code platform that people with different backgrounds can work with. You can quickly build applications that are intuitive to work with. In a small team we are currently working on a new innovative product to add to B-Synergy’s portfolio that will be available as packaged software for our customers. It is a very interesting project and I’m learning a lot.”

Written by: Marta Fonseca
On 7 August, 2020
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