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Speeding up SAP Application delivery with OutSystems

SAP integrated with OutSystems complements SAP with the functionality needed.At development time, the OutSystems visual editor helps developers find SAP BAPIs. At runtime, OutSystems monitors SAP integrations and lets a developer team know about any errors or performance issues.

With OutSystems and B-Synergy, any developer can discover and browse the available SAP functions. Finding the BAPI or ZBAPI for a specific function is simple, even with limited or no knowledge of SAP.

The visual development environment enables the setup of an SAP connection. All the validations and security settings in SAP will be inherited by the created connection. 

After setting up a connection, the available BAPIs are available for browsing. The visual editor provides in-place documentation about the interfaces, mapping complex SAP types to easily understood parameters.
Once a B-Synergy SAP-OutSystems Experts have selected which BAPIs to consume, their definitions are available as visual elements and can be invoked as if they were any other logic implemented with OutSystems. This avoids the complex code a developer would normally have to write and maintain in order to support SAP. 

Debugging SAP integrations is visual. This makes it easier to find the exact parameters needed to send to SAP to troubleshoot any problem.
OutSystems automatically instruments all integrations, so that at runtime a developer gets information about errors, and audits. It's possible to fine-tune how much information is captured, so that a developer can find those pesky, one-in-a-life-time issues.

Performance metrics are also gathered automatically. It is possible to see if SAP integration is having a negative impact on the performance of the built apps and drill down to determine how long each SAP call takes. 
Debugging in SAP is a skill best left to SAP developers. B-Synergy has the developers that are both skilled in SAP as well as OutSystems. Feel free to join the SAP-OutSystems linkedin group where you can ask questions if you want to know more about SAP-OutSystems integrations.
SAP OutSystems Monitoring
OutSystems monitors all integrations with SAP. This is very important to determine front-end performance issues.  SAP data delivery could be slow. With the proper SAP-OutSystems Architecture slow performance can be avoided. B-Synergy has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the architecting process.

OutSystems SAP integration is built on top of an extensibility layer. The existing hooks can be used to change the data that OutSystems sends and receives from SAP. This ensures no limitations with what OutSystems offers out of the box.

SAP-OutSystems integration comes in a simple way by clicking and selecting RFC's  out-of-the-box with OutSystems. Unfortunatly the logic to secure SAP-OutSystems connections and integrations are not part of the default OutSystems Platform. To set up a security layer for SAP-OutSystems integrations can be technically challenging but solutions are available from SAP or B-Synergy.   

To unlock the SAP system, Beeztees opted for OutSystems' rapid application delivery platform and B-Synergy for their senior OutSystems developers and SAP Experience.

Beeztees has been working with B-Synergy, an IT services provider specializing in SAP, in a lasting partnership for 8 yearsyears, in conjunction with new technologies such as OutSystems. B-Synergy started at Beeztees with an automation project of the order process and, according to Van Riel, developed into a strategic partner that not only provides support during the development of new IT applications, but also provides business input. "B-Synergy assists us in the entire process, from concept to realization. The B-Synergy consultants help us to work smarter and more efficiently." The development takes place through organized sprints with, according to Zijlmans, “significant time savings and good knowledge transfer during the sprint reviews and product reviews."

The OutSystems Advantage

"By combining SAP with add-ons and custom applications, developed using OutSystems, we can exploit the full potential of SAP and still make all our data applicable for web and mobile. In short, a powerful combination."-Germa Zijlmans, IT Manager 

B-Synergy wants to be a partner that does not limit itself by just selling OutSystems projects. B-Synergy adds value by constantly monitoring the SAP strategy and SAP applications. B-Synergy runs their own S/4HANA systems to constantly monitor the technical implications of new products, innovations and collaborations by SAP.

B-Synergy is also interested in the go to market strategy by SAP and OutSystems. The high cost involved with both SAP and OutSystems licensing need to be predictable. Uncertainties by SAP and OutSystems licensing strategy raises a lot of questions with many customers. If you have any questions make sure to read the digest on the subject of licensing by B-Synergy in the SAP-OutSystems LinkedIn group  

We can also bring valuable advise to customers that have both Mendix and  OutSystems in their systems landscape. B-Synergy has a fully integrated SAP S/4HANA stack running with the SAP RAD Platform by Mendix fully operational for research purposes. If you want to proof certain concepts SAP, Mendix or OutSystems are trying to sell you make sure to contact B-Synergy to get a fully access to a fully operational SAP-OutSystem and Mendix system. 
SAP-OutSystems how to deal with your SAP Licence
If customers use a platform like OutSystems on top of their SAP-landscape, they should be well-aware of the impact the chosen design could have on their SAP and OutSystems license expenses. Under or over-licensing is lurking if customers do not know how exactly they interact with SAP. New S/4HANA connection architecture replacing some of the legacy SAP ECC function modules might force customers to have proper Authentication and Authorisation in place. It is this audit functionality that proves the origin of created transactional data. Transactional SAP data can be part of the user license especially in internal processes like Purchasing, PlantMaintenance etc. When customers cannot prove the origin of SAP transactional data, SAP can calculate it as indirect access and therefore you pay double.
Besides paying the OutSystems license fees, you pay for the SAP Digital Core user license AND you pay additionally for the transactions created through OutSystems in your SAP digital core. Want to learn more on how to avoid expensive SAP OutSystems integration architectures? Go to the SAP OutSystems linkedin group and read all about it or consult B-Synergy the SAP-OutSystems Specialist
OutSystems AO model changed for the better! 
OutSystems is a great tool for fast delivery of applications, However this speed comes with serious licensing costs. AO's were calculated based on table entities and integrations making caching of your SAP data become quite expensive.

Fortunately... OutSystems changed their license model to a user based license only! This is GREAT for companies running SAP, there are no more limits to what you can do with OutSystems. The integrations provided by SAP ECC are not fast enough for providing the amount and complexity of data as stored in SAP Tables. Speeding up your data delivery to front-end application requires a lot of caching of SAP data in OutSystems when your business processes and front-ends need speed. Hence you need a lot of entities and integrations

Most SAP-OutSystems scenario's do not require all bapi's to be consumed but could be packed in 1 controllable and configurable solution. This saves SAP-OutSystems bapi integrations and therefor it saves development time and complexity by using OutSystems more efficient. The same logic can be applied when a SAP data caching layer is not done in OutSystems tables. B-Synergy deliveres the tools to do this on their SAP-OutSystems configurator.
Depending if OutSystems customers are using SAP S/4HANA or ECC data can be cached and delivered available for delivery to front-end applications in an eyeblink.
The Architecture related to OutSystems S/4HANA integration can be the same as for SAP ECC but the new connectors deliverd from SAP to integrate with S/4HANA are extremely powerful. If you want to do data caching in OutSystems or in S/4HANA is now an architectural issue ready for debate. The best advise we can give is to hire experienced OutSystems SAP Architects to guide your OutSystems developers,and off course remember the famous words of Johan Cruyff, every downside has it's upside.

Happy OutSystems programming!
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