Stedin - Netherlands | Maintenance Solution


Stedin is the largest grid operator in the 'randstad' area, where crowded urban areas depend on electricity for daily life. Stedin was in need of a Maintenance Management System combined with a Field Service Automation Application for technicians to efficiently perform and document their maintenance activities. These challenges were tackled in a combined B-Synergy/Stedin team with successful results:
- An application designed to manage and maintain assets, functional locations, inspection activities with associated inspection points and the creation of new inspections;
- Reduce of maintenance costs  >15% in 3 years;
- Predictable long-term maintenance plans, enabling the ability to spread risks based on documented observations and findings;
- Reduced risk of uncertain capacity concerning technicians planning;
- One central system in OutSystems where all data is collected and modified by Maintenance Engineers, Planners and technicians in the field;
- Less errors in field work by technicians due to clear and up-to-date documentation;
- Saving a lot of time in administrative work due to the centralized nature of the applications;
- Integration with SAP for automatic status update.

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