Beeztees - Netherlands | SAP E-Commerce platform

The automation range of the order process expanded into a project in which Beeztees decided to develop a completely new Omnichannel e-commerce platform for retailers with OutSystems Platform in collaboration with IT partner B-Synergy.

The extensive application developed by B-Synergy for Beeztees using OutSystems, is an omniscan e-commerce platform that includes product, stock, price and order information. The B2B webshop is a combination of OutSystems technology with active SAP integration. Beeztees migrated to the OutSystems Enterprise for SAP platform. This enterprise edition with cloud deployment provides special SAP connectors that make it easy to access SAP data for web and mobile applications. The comprehensive database of product and customer data is now available as a fully manageable front end for optimum ease of use.

The price functionality offered by Beeztees's e-commerce platform deserves extra attention:

"In the prices our customers see, individual and temporarily price agreements have been processed. Beeztees can easily implement price adjustments, so that every customer always sees the correct prices for each product. We have achieved this dynamic price list with updates per customer thanks to special features in OutSystems Platform.”
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