Innovation is at the core of B-Synergy, most companies see their IT as a cost center, but when digital transformation starts to enter your business the ultimate goal is to turn IT into a profit center. Of course automating your business administration will save time and therefore money, but what if your IT innovation starts to generate money? 

We can help you realize innovative solutions that will generate more money than there is budget to save!

Challenge us with your innovative ideas, don’t let people tell you they are not feasible because you don’t have the budget, technologie or the people. Challenge us to see if we can come up with a offer you just can’t resist!
B-Synergy has been working with OutSystems for 7 years in the Netherlands.

During this time, experience has been
gained in a multitude of areas. Many projects have been delivered successfully: Logistics-,
Utilities-, Wholesale-, Production and Energy Service Providers to name but a few.

Our clients are our biggest fans and will happily provide references either by phone or face-
to-face. Who better to talk to about B-Synergy and the team than our delighted customers.
B-Synergy is the expert on combining SAP with OutSystems. With extensive knowledge of both systems, we can translate your requirements into solutions where they belong.

SAP and OutSystems: Let’s Synergize.

SAP ECC has been the steady software basis of many companies around the world. It is both powerful and complex. This leads to potential bottlenecks when it comes to changing business processes. Additions to SAP’s IT landscape make it even more complex instead of bringing solutions closer. Furthermore, a seemingly simple change often requires a considerable number of IT Experts who do not ease company communication guidelines.
With involvement of the B-synergy team, this process will be guided, transparent and calculable.
B-Synergy works with an international team based on nearshoring. With headquartes in The Netherlands B-Synergy works with the best people for each situation. Each team works with a core and flexible layer of specialists. When needed; expertise is added to the team. The team encourages customer input by contributing team members as well. Besides the product  owner, it adds a lot of value when a developer is a full time member of the team. It increases the commitment and ownership significantly. The customer benefits as minor changes on the platform can be completed in-house; it makes the customer less dependent on any OutSystems Partner.
Thierry van Schie
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